Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the imperial aramaic alphabet (modern version)

The imperial aramaic alphabet dates from the 5th century B.C when Aramaic was adopted as the lingua franca of the western persian empire.It is still used for literary purposes and to write some neo-aramaic languages.

Ālaph /ʔ/; /aː/, /eː/
Bēth /b/, /v/
Gāmal /ɡ/, /ɣ/
Dālath /d/, /ð/
Waw /w/; /oː/, /uː/
Zain /z/
Ḥēth /ħ/
Ṭēth emphatic /tˤ/
Yudh /j/; /iː/, /eː/
Kāph /k/, /x/
Lāmadh /l/
Mim /m/
Nun /n/
Semkath /s/
‘Ē /ʕ/
/p/, /f/
Ṣādhē , emphatic /sˤ/
Qoph /q/
Rēsh /r/
Shin /ʃ/
Tau /t/, /θ/

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